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We believe in sustaining and empowering Nantucket’s vibrant and diverse community by providing food, fuel, and rental assistance payments to island residents through confidential and compassionate service.

Who We Are

In keeping with the philosophy of our parent organization, the Nantucket Interfaith Council, the mission of the NFFRA is to assist residents who face a period of financial insecurity and cannot otherwise provide food or shelter or heat for themselves and their families. 

These services provide assistance by making available supplemental nutritious food, help with rental payments to avoid loss of their homes or to move into stable housing, and /or fuel assistance to avoid having no heat during the winter season.Our goal is to keep island workers and residents, so vital to all of our existence, living here on the island to provide services we all need and use on a daily basis.

These services are provided to qualified individuals in a manner expressing care and concern for those needing help and are handled in confidentiality without regard to race, sex, age, creed, religious affiliation or sexual orientation.

In our 25+ year history, NFFRA programs have assisted, store clerks, bank tellers, teacher assistants, nursing assistants, taxi drivers, housekeepers, contractors, landscapers, the temporarily unemployed, families, single parents, seniors on a fixed income, those facing serious illness and injury, those whose work is seasonal in nature, those who lose work hours due to caring for a sick child, spouse or parent.

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Whether you are just in need of a little help with groceries this month or need help making sure you can stay in your house this month we are here to help. See our full range of services and connect today to get started so you can stay a vibrant contributing member of Nantucket!



Percent of the island’s year-round population that are clients of the Food Assistance Program.


Number of households whose heat stayed on all winter due to the Fuel Assistance Program


Number of bags of groceries distributed each year by The Food Assistance Program, an increase of 50% from 2014.


Percent of Rental Assistance clients who are senior citizen


Equivalent value of wages in time worked by volunteers to NFFRA's various programs each year.


Percent of Rental Assistance clients who have lived on Nantucket for ten years or more

Support Us

If you can contribute monetarily or want to support us with your time or other donations we are always extremely appreciative. Team up with us to help make sure Nantucket stays the wonderful community we have all fallen in love with!                                                                                                                            


Whether you are in need of a little help this month or you want to contribute to Nantucket's vibrant and thriving community by supporting us we want to connect with you!

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